PES Distributor Area 12: London Electricity

Which PES / Distribution area you are in has a significant effect on your energy charges. This applies to standing charges, availability charges as well as unit rates. Unfortunately it's also something you can't change, short of moving your business. It also dictates who you will need to contact to upgrade or downgrade your supply or if you are looking for a new supply.

The London Electricity area covers the following Postcodes

BR 1, 3, 7
CR 5
DA 14-18
DA 2, 5-8
E 1-3
E 5-18
EC 1, 2Y
EC 1A-4A
EC 1M-4M
EC 1N-4N
EC 1R-4R
EC 1V-4V
IG 1-9, 11
KT 2-4
N 1, 5, 7, 8
N 16, 19
NW 1, 3, 5
NW 6,8,10
SE 1-28
SW 1A,1E
SW 1H,1P
SW 1V,1W
SW 1X,1Z
SW 2-20
W 1H,1M
W 1N,1P
W 1R,1V
W 1X,1Y
W 2, 6

Pes Area 12

W 8-12,14
WC 1A,1B
WC 1E,1H
WC 1N,1R
WC 1V,1X
WC 2A,2B
WC 2H,2N

These postcodes include all or part the following counties:

  • City of London
  • Essex
  • Kent
  • London
  • Surrey

The towns and cities covered by the London Region include:

Barking, Beckenham, Belvedere, Bexley, Bexleyheath, Bromley, Buckhurst Hill, Chigwell, Chislehurst, Dagenham, Dartford, Erith, Gravesend, Ilford, London, Longfield, Loughton, Maidstone, Mitcham, New Malden, Romford, Sheerness, Sidcup, Sutton, Swanley, Swanscombe, Welling, Woodford Green and Worcester Park.

If your business is based in this area, we can help save you money on gas and electricity.

History of PES Area 12

London Electricity
DNO Name : London Power Networks
Owner : UK Power Networks
Ultimate Parent : Cheung Kong Group, Hong Kong

Pre-privatisation : London Electricity Board
Mar 31 1990 : vested as London Electricity plc
Dec 11 1990 : floated on stock market
Feb 7 1997 : sold to Energy Power UK plc
Dec 31 1998 : sold to EdF International
Jan 2001 : structure changed to LE Group
April 2004: Merged with SEEBOARD and SWEB, to form Development Branch of EDF Energy
October 2006: Became EDF Energy Networks
November 2010: Sold to Cheung Kong Group are now operated as UK Power Networks