Market Intelligence and Analysis

Helping you understand the energy markets and their impact on your business

Energy Solutions has operated in the UK energy market since the late 90s - over this time we have built up an enviable portfolio of energy market data and intelligence. Previously much of this information has remained inhouse and only been shared with clients. As the energy industry have developed and more facilities managers are looking at flexible or managed purchasing options, the demand for our market intelligence has grown.

We now offer a range of subscription services:

Energy Pulse - our jargon-free bimonthly market analysis report. This report which looks at what has been driving the gas and power markets and what may drive prices going forwards. Ideal for companies with significant energy spends and those on flexible or managed contracts.

End of Day Market Prices - This daily report publishes closing prices for a wide range of energy, freight and environmental markets covering the UK and Europe. Ideal for companies with high energy spends and those on flexible, managed or floating contracts.

Non-Energy Costs Update - A quarterly report on one of the most important and least discussed drivers of energy prices. Non-energy costs currently account for around 50% of your bill and are rising. This report is essential reading for anyone responsible for managing their organisations’ energy budget.

Historical Prices - With data for gas and power going back to 2001, we can provide you with the information for need for any inhouse price analysis, back testing for trading strategies and so on. Data available from 2001 onwards in all formats.

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