Types of Partnership

Relationship Levels

We offer three relationship levels designed to match the needs of you and your clients. We make it as easy as possible for you to help your clients and generate a revenue stream from ESP (Energy Solutions Partnership)

Lead - no investment required

This is the simplest level, we offer you and your clients/customers a full sales service. It is the ideal partnership level for companies with no experience in the energy market, and no desire to be involved. It is also useful if you don’t have the time to introduce us directly.

You share your membership or customer data with us and we will manage the sales process from end-to-end, from making the initial contact to implementing all of the products or services chosen by your client.

You can offer the full Energy Solutions product set to your members. We keep you informed of all enquires, sales and commission in a simple weekly/monthly report and when a sale is completed, we pay you a percentage of the sale value, for the life of the customer.

Partner - £1000 initial investment

As a Partner, we give you access to the product and pricing information you need so you can sell directly to your client.

You introduce Energy Solutions and obtain the core details we need to offer an energy price. Once we've received the information, we will undertake the tender process, and supply you with prices and contracts for your client. You will be responsible for closing the sale with the client/customer.

Being a Partner allows you to pick which products and services are offered to your clients or members. You receive a percentage of the utility sale value, for the life of the customer.