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British Gas is one of the most well known household brands in the UK. Prior to the introduction of competition in 1998, British Gas (Centrica) was the sole supplier of mains gas in the UK. Competition in the domestic and business markets has decreased its market share, but it is still the major player in domestic and commercial gas markets as well as electricity. Centrica is active in the USA, Ireland and parts of Europe. The company uses 3 main brand names in the UK - British Gas, Scottish Gas and Nwy Prydain in Wales.

In total, British Gas Business supplies more than 950,000 business sites throughout the UK. Centrica has a market capitalization of around £13bn, 33,000 employees worldwide and is investing over £1 billion a year between 2008 and 2010 to secure new gas and power supplies for the UK.

SME Markets

British Gas is very active in the SME electricity and gas markets, using their own sales force and independent brokers. This is backed up with regular national advertising campaigns. Pricing for SME customers depends on location and consumption - British Gas provide partners like Energy Solutions with price matrixes on a regular basis.


Clients with more than 30 sites on a single contract are offered preferential rates by British Gas.

Industrial and Corporate

British Gas are very active in the sector and offer bespoke prices to all sizes and types of large users. They are able to handle all account sizes, including 100 gWh+ and multi sites with 500+ locations.

We have been working with British Gas at all levels since 1997 and are able to offer all of their energy products to our clients.

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