Brook Green Supply

Looking for prices or help with Brook Green?

Who are we?

Brook Green Supply was setup by an experienced team of energy and utility industry experts. As an independent provider of gas and electricity to businesses, they aim to maintain an efficient operating structure to ensure that they can provide competitively priced energy and high quality services to customers. Brook Green Supply allows customers to get closer to the wholesale energy markets, stripping out unnecessary layers of cost and bureaucracy along the way.

How do they deliver high quality solutions?

  • They provide both simple and more tailored products into the supply markets ensuring better commercial terms for customers
  • Brook Green Supply has an experienced Business Support Team that is responsive to individual customer requirements
  • By focusing solely on the non-domestic market and creating outstanding partnerships with consultants, they can provide better service and value to our clients
  • Their experienced trading team works directly with generators of electricity and producers of gas to ensure that the most competitive pricing is available for customers
  • Our ongoing goal is to provide a better and more dynamic type of utility business that can adapt to a changing market and offer an alternative route to market for customers