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E.ON is one of the world's largest investor-owned power and gas companies. At facilities across Europe, Russia, and North America, our nearly 79,000 employees generated just under EUR113 billion in sales in 2011. They have an ambitious objective: to make energy cleaner and better wherever they operate. Going forward, they intend to expand our business outside Europe. Our new strategy, whose motto is cleaner & better energy, will transform E.ON into a global provider of specialized energy solutions. The new E.ON will benefit our employees, customers, and investors alike.
Led by Group Management in Düsseldorf, the E.ON Group is segmented into global units (by function) and regional units (by country). Five global units manage our generation portfolio, renewables business, energy trading, new-build projects and innovative technology, and global gas business. Twelve regional units manage our retail operations, regional energy networks, and distributed-generation activities in Europe. They're also engaged in power generation and wholesale power marketing in Russia, a special-focus country. They created a new unit, E.ON International Energy, to expand our business outside Europe. It will leverage our expertise in conventional and renewable power generation to regions where energy demand is growing rapidly. Group-wide entities deliver support functions like IT and procurement.
E.ON was formed in June 2000 by the merger of VEBA and VIAG, two of Germany's largest industrial groups, each with an impressive history in its own right.
VEBA and VIAG were founded in the 1920s to serve as holding companies for state-owned industrial enterprises. Privatized in the 1960s and 1980s, the two corporations were listed in the Dax (the stock index of Germany's top 30 blue chips) and continued their success, now as investor-owned companies. Following the merger, E.ON executed a far-reaching focus strategy and today is one of the world-wide largest investor-owned energy companies.
E.ON is organized in nine units:

  • Central Europe Market Unit led by Munich-based E.ON Energie AG
  • Pan-European Gas Market Unit led by Essen-based E.ON Ruhrgas
  • Spain Market Unit led by Madrid-based E.ON España
  • Nordic Market Unit led by Malmö-based E.ON Sverige, which supplies power in Scandinavia
  • U.K. Market Unit led by Coventry-based E.ON UK
  • Italy Market Unit led by Milan-based E.ON Italia
  • Russia Market Unit led by Moscow-based E.ON Russia Power
  • Climate & Renewables Market Unit led by Düsseldorf-based E.ON Climate & Renewables
  • Energy Trading Market Unit by Düsseldorf-based E.ON Energy Trading

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