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First Utility is a supplier of gas and electricity in the United Kingdom, based in Warwick. In October 2013 the company was ranked as the seventh largest supplier in the UK, making it the largest outside the Big 6. Originally operating the in the SME and domestic markets, the company took the decision to focus on domestic markets exclusively in December 2013

Domestic Energy

“As First Utility continues to grow and develop we need to react to the market environment. Our customer numbers have grown by 50% in the past few months to over 300,000 homes, with a huge opportunity to continue this growth trajectory in the residential energy market. In contrast, our SME business today forms a small percentage of the revenues and is at a tipping point. We either need to make a significant investment to re-ignite our growth in SME, expanding into additional products and channels, or withdraw from SME altogether and put all our focus on residential. Given the potential in residential and our momentum in this market to date, we’ve made the strategic decision to double down in residential and exit the SME business. This will help us prioritise essential projects to support residential growth and give us a more single-minded focus moving forward. It’s not a decision that has been taken lightly and we have spent many weeks evaluating the various options. However, we believe this is a positive decision for First Utility and will enable us to focus our efforts to deliver overall value and provide the best service levels to all of our customers. We will continue to serve our current business customers and partners with the same diligence to fulfil our contractual commitments. Billing and customer service for our existing business customers will be maintained together with ongoing commission payments. We will work with you throughout the term of your existing contracts”

SME Energy

Although First Utility are no longer actively selling in the SME market, there are still a number of customers supplied by them. As these contracts come to an end, they will not be renewed. This means customers will be forced to find a new supplier. If you are currently supplied by First Utility we can help confirm when your contract ends and help you find the best alternative supplier for your small or medium sized business.

Industrial and Corporate Customers

First Utility did not enter the corporate market, they have no half hourly metered customers, and no plans to enter this market at present.

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