Shell Gas

Shell Gas Direct has been supplying natural gas to businesses across the UK since 1989. Our focus on ensuring customer satisfaction has won us a regular top ranking in independent market surveys. We are the UK branch of Shell Energy Europe Ltd, supplying all your energy needs across Europe. Our customers range from small businesses to large corporations, in markets as diverse as catering, launderettes, local authorities, nationwide retailers, offices and energy-intensive industrial plants. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell UK, part of the Shell Group, we give you the assurance of Shell's substantial North Sea gas reserves and the expertise of our gas trading team to manage your gas supply professionally.

We believe that oil and gas will be integral to the global energy needs for economic development for many decades to come. Our role is to ensure that we extract and deliver them profitably and in environmentally and socially responsible ways.

We seek a high standard of performance, maintaining a strong long-term and growing position in the competitive environments in which we choose to operate.

We aim to work closely with our customers, our partners and policymakers to advance more efficient and sustainable use of energy and natural resources.

We were one of the first global companies to state and share our beliefs when we published our General Business Principles in 1976. As part of these principles, we commit to contribute to sustainable development, balancing short and long-term interests and integrating economic, environmental and social considerations into our decision-making.

Global energy demand is rising and so are consumer expectations – more people want energy from cleaner sources. At Shell we are unlocking new energy sources and squeezing more from what we have. With others we are finding ways to lower our emissions and helping customers to do the same. In building a better energy future we all have a part to play