Commercial Electricity Procurement

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At Energy Solutions, we offer our clients a complete ongoing procurement service. It is not enough for a broker to simply price everything on a like for like basis and then disappear until your renewal is due. Businesses deserve much more. Our APOLLO system offers six ways that we help medium sized to large companies save on their utility bills. When used together, we have achieved savings of up to 70% for our clients, as well as substantial refunds in many cases:

  1. Analysis - This is the vital first step that we see so many brokers and consultants missing, which is a shame, as this is also where many savings are made. Why does a building have 3 meters, why is a half hourly supply only using 100,000kWh annually, is a STOD tariff right for you?
  2. Preparation – Knowing which suppliers are most competitive by location, consumption and tariff is important. Understanding the trends in the market, both in wholesale pricing and customer demand even more so. Careful choice of data and understanding how your business's plans will affect demand can have to be considerable effect too. If you just submit a tender on a random date, as many companies do, you have a 1 in 250 chance of getting the best price - we don't like those odds.
  3. Options– We can offer fully flexible pricing strategies giving you full direct market access. Our range of managed products give exposure to the markets, but with reduced risk. And we negotiate traditional fixed price contracts too - it is all about understand what is right for your business, your attitude to risk and your flexibility.
  4. Leadership – We understand that you, as procurement managers, financial directors and business owners, are looking for the best way to manage your energy portfolios. To help you achieve your goals and to offer the best possible advice and service to you, we partner with leading organisations who offer complementary products and services.
  5. Lifetime Support– Ensuring the right billing, meters and tariffs whilst reclaiming any overspending for the full duration of all contracts is just part of the service - although it is not something all our competitors offer for free. We also work with you to manage your portfolio - adding new sites as you take them on, upgrading or downgrading supplies, installing new connections and terminating contracts for any sites you no longer operate.
  6. Opportunities– Whether you are looking for funding for energy efficiency, power generation or demand management projects and any other cost cutting measures, we can help you raise the finance required or work with you on a shared revenue/savings basis. Looking for an insurance backed guarantee on those savings, we have that too.

Incorrect tariffs and charges can cost you 10-20%

The annual cost of your electricity contract is much more than just the wholesale cost of electricity. On commercial supply contracts, "wholesale energy" accounts for as little as 40% of the total price, the rest being made up of a multitude of other charges, including Availability, DUoS, Triads, BSUoS, AAHEDC, renewable obligation, meter operations, data collection and data analysis are just some of the charges that need to be considered to ensure you are getting the best value. An incorrectly specified supply contract could be costing you thousands, luckily many errors can be fixed during an existing contract, offering instant savings.

For non half hourly supplies many sites have inherited tariffs including day, day/night, day/evening/weekend, STOD and catering which could be incorrectly applied to your business. The wrong tariff, even with the cheapest supplier can be a costly mistake. Sometimes changing tariff will mean a new meter being installed, but with modern smart meters, tariffs can be changed remotely. Changing tariff also gives an opportunity to negotiate a new contract.

Easy and seamless

We have many years experience in this industry and so we can manage your energy portfolio for you, ensuring that you are getting the best prices and service from all your suppliers, and leaving you more time for other tasks. There is no direct charge for our procurement service as we are paid directly by the suppliers. If you would prefer to pay us directly, that can be arranged to.

Are you a financial director, procurement manager or facilities manager?

Are energy suppliers taking up too much of your time? Not getting the service you deserve? Let us manage your portfolio and we'll ensure that you pay the best prices for electricity, gas and water. If you’re taking over new sites, we can even identify existing contracts, find the MPANs and swiftly get the most affordable new supplies in place. Moving out of sites and need final bills promptly, we can help with that too. Upgrading or downgrading a supply as site usage changes? All part of the service.

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